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I called AT&T to get an estimate on what they would charge for internet, cable and phone. After a very lengthy chat via the internet, not one time did the rep mention a 2 year contract, not one time did she way after the 1 year it would go up almost 3x what they were quoting me.

I was smart enough to ask the right questions but then she said I could see it all in the step by step directions and she sent me a sight to click on to start the ordering process. The ordering process gave you many options, but before I hit the last one, because she knew I didn't want a contact, I asked her one more time about a contact to make sure I wouldn't have one and that's when she said all our DirecTV packages have 2 year contacts. I told her specifically that I did not want a 2 year contact and she was having me sign up to one anyway. AT&T is very deceptive and very misleading and I think they are out to fraud the poeple who are not smart enough to keep asking the right questions.

SHAME ON YOU AT&T - I'm going with INSIGHT.

And no, I'm not an insight employee, but I am a legal secretary and I know when I'm being shafted. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR REPRESENTATIVES.

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I knew when at&t was my only choice for internet service I was in trouble. Ordered the service, a month later still no service.

Technicians have not showed up when they were supposed to.

They tell me it has to be U-verse.

I think this a load of ***. They should be able to perform these services in thier sleep.....

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