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Update by user Oct 25, 2011

I called up the store manager and he sounded rude- also he was not ready to listen to everything but instead kept on saying that they can\'t do anything.

This is the kind of customer service that at&t has to offer????

Update by user Oct 24, 2011

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Original review posted by user Oct 24, 2011

I have been checking the status of my order right from the very first day i ordered it- anticipating that i would get the iphone 4S right on 14th as per the att wireless website. But still it is showing as "TO BE SHIPPED".

I feel disturbed, devastated and speechless at the very thought of this.

There are 2 main grievances that i want to highlight and these are serious issues as i see:

1. I tried ordering online multiple times for the iphone 4S but it was throwing errors on the day it was announced for preorder(on friday the 7th). So i had to order my iphone standing in a long *** at the att store near my home (everett mall way).

I told that lady that helped me out over the counter that I was looking for 2 different things:

a) i requested that would it be possible to get an upgrade before the original date (15th jan 2011) and she told that i need to add a line as a "cheaper" option. I told her clearly that i want to go for the black phone as the white color seems girlish to me.

b) Also i wanted to decrease my talk-time minutes in my family-plan to 550 from 750.

When i returned home after a long wait, i got a mail about my order that said that they ordered a "iphone white" for me.

I had no other option other than to rush to the store at 8pm in the evening to change it to a black iphone. Itdid not take long to realize that the talk-time was also not decreased as well.

This insincere, callous and reluctant attitude in multiple instances of the staff ruined my Friday evening and spoiled my mood.

Why on earth, in this cyber age, someone has to go physically to the store, get harassed and strained only to get bad returns in terms of service like this?

Why on earth can't at&t make a better system to get rid of these technical as well as managerial shortcomings and use their good offices to compensate for the shortcomings on their behalf?

2. On my at&t website for my pre-orders, inside status of order page, it said that all back-ordered items would be shipped by 13th oct which made sense as on 14th, it would be available countrywide along all stores.

As of today (the 21-Oct-2011), the status shows as to be shipped OR In progress??????

I went to the store more than thrice only to get some stale and *** replies (even from the store manager) passing on the ball of the blame game to Apple. I called up customer care, 877-782-8870 so many times BUT they either kept on passing the call to other extensions or they said the same status update - TO BE SHIPPED!!!This is insanely a bad experience i had and still having with AT&T- Imagine how would a person feel when , on the same very day, i find my co-workers going to the same store and walking out with new iphones; the apple store selling iphones!!

I walk to the same store on 14th Oct to see iphones getting sold in front of me and at&t doesn't allow me to cancel an order that is still not processed, not shipped- What kind of ***, trivial, pestering policies are these???

I see people having iphone 4S all around me and i am that AT&T "scapegoat" that had pre-ordered it on 7th!!!

Why do customers exist- to pay fat bills to at&t every month???

Also, noteworthy, my co-workers who have Verizon wireless, who had pre-ordered iphones on 12th Oct received theirs on 19th Oct. I also heard that their wait-time for pre-order is very less compared to at&t.

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:eek :cry :( :x :sigh
AT&T did me wrong too. I took time off to receive the phone on the arrival day (supposedly) and nothing. I cannot cancel the order either. I ordered the phone on the 7th and here it is the 24th and nada. Latest word is that it will show up in 21 to 28 days. FAIL!!

Multiple calls to suckstomer service go nowhere. They are royally messed up and just don't give a beep about customers. They won't let me cancel either and Apple and Best Buy are happy to help me get my hands on my phone, but since AT&T won't rescind the order, I'm in limbo.

I'll be using those 30 days they give you to return the phone once it gets here. My old phone works fine and the headache AT&T has caused makes me want to vomit. I'm certainly sharing my experience far and wide!

There ARE other options out there. Granted, AT&T still has carrots, but others are gaining speed, and even if they're not much better, customer service may make up the difference. I've helped a lady decide which service to get as she wants an iPhone. I've steered her away from AT&T and handed her gently over to Sprint :).

I'm moving family plan that way too! I've got another family of 5 returning to Sprint next month when the AT&T contract expires. I lured them to AT&T in the first place when they were happily on Sprint. Now I'm sending them back! So, a total of 9 phones gone and 1 diverted. Not bad for a day's work, eh?
Seriously? Disturbed and devastated?!?

How WILL you go on?

You should probably just end it all now. :cry

You probably need to get out more when you are so upset over a silly telephone. I grew up on a farm without a telephone and we got by very well without it.

Hopefully, once you get into your teens, you will grow out of this silliness. I know, I know, right now, "it's not faaaaaair!"

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