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This is my short version of why potential customers should evade AT&T Wireless.

-First and foremost, this company advertises "the least dropped calls." Yet, not one day of my service with the company (in the Minneapolis Metro area) went by without at least one dropped call. In fact, it was often three or more.

-In addition, my initial phone died within thirty-days. I took it to the store where it was purchased, and they helped me submit it for replacement under warranty. Two weeks after receiving the replacement phone, the old one showed up at my door with a $259 bill for the new phone. They claimed the defunct phone's issues were not covered by warranty. Even though the phone's demise had nothing to do with me, they made me pay for the new phone!!! I even had the "equipment protection plan," but that, I was told, "could only be used in place of the warranty." This meant that I could have went one way or the other... the equipment protection plan had a fifty dollar deductible and the phone was brand new, naturally I figured that the phone was faulty and should have been replaced for free. Even after going through every step of their appeals process, the company refused to remove the $259 fee.

I was left with no option but to pay it, or have my service disconnected (thereby incurring another $175 fee for early termination... beautiful the way that works isn't it!)

I paid the $259... five months later, with continued sub-par service... I called them, paid them $175, and terminated my service anyway... it was likely the best $175 I ever spent... when you read the reviews ranking them the worst... which there are many, and even Consumer Reports recognizes their company as the worst in the nation... trust that you should evade them no matter what type of offer you are given!

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Walls, Mississippi, United States #4260

1st off the drop call issues change from city to city and state to state. You can read consumer reports and find out that At&t does infact have the least amount of dropped calls due to many 3erd party tests. I have been with verizon and At&t and found i get the same with both, but again they take a national avg, so all areas are different.

#2 you can not blame at&t or verizon or any other company for a bad phone since they are almost all made by 3erd parties "i.e. motorola, LG, Blackberry, PALM, nokia..etc"

#3 the insurance plan that you have is infact the same for the major cell phone providers (yes, all have a 50$ fee to use it). of course 50$ doesn't make sense since if you had it for 24months (length of normal contract) you would pay 4.99 a month = 119$! plus 50$ fee = 169! and the last time i checked i have never paid that much for a phone including my blackberry. At&t = not the problem, Verizon = not the problem ... the common denominator = the comsumer! ... this is why they tell you never to get the INS. the difference with Verizon and At&t with insurance is At&t will allow you to upgrade your phone only 6 months after you get it (and will let you still get a discount on the next phone) Verizon will not give you a deal on the next phone = FULL PRICE.

just remember that AT&T and Verizon (sprint, Nextel, Tmoblie) all have there issues. and saying that one is way worse then the other is very wrong. Next time you should take care of an issue such as yours via PHONE, on AT&t's customer service line. (or in fact Verizon's as well). Since the last time i checked the stores are full of 18yr olds or 35+ers who did not graduate college and are stuck as store managers for life. and yes calling into corporate and getting them to solve the issue will make things a lot eaiser for you in the long run.

*plus remember that all companies have B2B divisons, corporate anexes, and other sections that can give you better customer service and even sometimes personal help on your time.

AND IF YOU start out pissed you will never get anything done.

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