I can no longer dial 411 information from my mobile phone. I have called twice to ask why.

Both times I got someone in a foreign country who I could not understand. The first person did not even know what i was talking about. The second person told me I had to go to 411.com to get it fixed. 411.com is online information they don't fix mobile phone problems.

I asked to speak with a supervisor and he would not put me through. He told me to go to 411.com again. I demanded a supervisor again and he still would not put me through. I told him a worked for at&t for 37 years and I should be able to speak to a supervisor if I want to.

and he put me on hold without a word and never came back.

I finally hung up after 5 minutes. I never got an answer as to why I cant dial 411 from my mobile.

User's recommendation: go to another company - any other company.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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