Just recently got my business credit card statement and saw a charge from "VESTA AT& T" charge for $100. I've called 1-866-608-3007 three times and each time after sitting on hold for 10 minutes or so I was asked to leave a voicemail.

That was 6 hours ago and no one has returned my call. Apparently the recording say's it's a payment for a Go Phone. We don't have go phones here at my work. So I googled VESTA and got this website.

The last place I used this card was at Wal Mart and I saw that someone else was asking if VESTA has anything to do with Wal Mart.

I'm not sure if they are but needless to say I have cancelled this card and filed a fraudulent report with our credit card company. So please be aware of these charges on your cards.

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Send a letter to the State Attorneys office with the information. Send a copy to Vesta or leave a voice mail that you have contacted the SAG regarding the problem, that might get you some action.


I too had charges from this company on my credit card. Called the credit card company and they said they were fraudulent and removed the charges from my account.

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