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Update by user Nov 13, 2012

A rep read my complaint and contacted me promising to review the account information and get back to me. She did indeed do that and replied that she had erased the $99.00 charge.

I am very happy that this happened. Also glad that I used this web site as this was the most help that I had received since my troubles started.

Thanks to this website. You\'ve helped make an old lady very happy.

And thanks to the rep from AT&T for reviewing the case and for negating the charge.

Happy holidays to all.

Original review posted by user Oct 13, 2012

On September 7, 2012 my internet service was supposed to be switched from my old apartment to my new one and I was told that after 8 PM, I would be able to connect to the internet. I could not connect and on the same night called AT&T Tech Support.

The person that I spoke with "Prince" said that he would test the line and said it was a bad line and made an appointment for someone to come out. I knew that this company charged $99.00 for a visit and told him that I didn't want to be charged. He said that I wouldn't. Lie #1.

After the support man came out and tested the lines, he said that there wasn't anything wrong. He then tried to connect to the internet and couldn't and after some time he found a way to connect and register me. However, I never would have been able to find that myself as I am not a technician. He told me that I had to sign the invoice with the $99.00 charge BUT as soon as I was invoiced, I should call and that they would reverse the charge.

I knew that if I signed the contract (which he said was NOT an invoice), that I would be in trouble. But on a later call to tech support to dispute it with a rep named Ronnie he gave me a case number and told me that this would be reversed and to call him as soon as it was settled. Plus, he could not leave until I signed. Lie #2.

No one ever called from AT&T to talk to me about this and of course, it was never reversed. I am now stuck with a large bill for first month's services and today (Oct. 13, 2012) After two calls and no help "there is nothing that can be done about it", that's the rep on the 2nd call. And I will have to pay.

The first call resulted after approximately one half hour of talk and explanations, I was supposed to be connected to a manager and instead was routed to the main menu. Lie #3.

This is terrible service. If anyone is thinking of dealing with AT&T, keep in mind that they will lie to you consistently and you will be very fortunate indeed to have your problem solved to your satisfaction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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File a complaint with the FCC, FTC, CPUC, PUC & The Department of Justice/Attorney General's Office. You can also view my post on this site called "Held Hostage" AT&T Uverse DSL & the clip on You Tube link


Hi-I am so sorry to hear this! I hope that you will allow me the opportunity to help.

Email me the details directly at referencing this post in the subject line. Please include account and contact information so that we may work to a quick resolution for you! I am available M-F 8-5 CST.

Thanks. Catherine-AT&T Social Media Manager


I'm not this person & if you are from AT&T you need to check this out. On this site called "Held Hostage" AT&T Uverse DSL & the clip on You Tube link

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