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I've been looking around online for other people who have had similar experiences and low and behold I have found dozens. I am writing this in desperation that someone out there will hear it and help.

In November I went to an AT&T store to purchase my boyfriend an iPhone 6 for his birthday. Since I am not on his plan the Sales Associate told me my 2 options were to either inform him of my gift and buy the phone right then, or if I wanted to surprise him I would need to buy gift cards. I decided on the gift cards since it was a birthday gift and I wanted to keep it a surprise. I was told by the Sales Associate that he could then take the giftcards and either purchase the phone online or in the store himself. He did not have any $100 giftcards in stock, so he instead gave me a stack of $50 and $25 dollar cards equaling $200. Annoying, but ok that works!

Cut to 3 months later. We have now contacted ATT numerous times and have received varying replies from every single person we have spoken with.

We first visited 3 stores and were told we should "just keep coming back since there are no phones in stock." So, we checked on the "in-store availability" found a few more stores that said they had the phone in stock, called the store to confirm, the Associate told us that YES they had the phones in stock and then we showed up and they said NO they did not. This happened at THREE MORE STORES.

He then attempted to purchase online and spoke with a chat room representative who informed him he could make the initial purchase of $50 on his personal credit card and then should call in to put the other cards on the purchase to have it validated.

So, he then called ATT to purchase the phone with the cards and was told he could not use the cards over the phone or online, only in store.

He was also told he could not put the cards towards any bill he has. If he could, he would have done this and been done with it, even if the gift was not meant for this intent.

By someone else he was also told that even though he had to purchase the phone at an ATT store he could use the cards to pre-pay, with phone not in stock at the store, and await a 2 week turn around for delivery.

So, he called again and was told again to find a store online and to find which store has it, then call them to confirm (Broadway and Astor Pl stated it had the 16GB). We called them and 15 minutes later he showed up and the floor representative told me they haven't had any 16 gbs in weeks, but I could buy the 128 gb.

Between the run-around, the poor salesmanship and lack of customer appreciation we are both at a complete loss. I myself have been a Verizon customer for over 10 years and have never experienced anything like this!

We have never gone through anything remotely close to this in terms of an absolute horrid level of clear protocol and definitive understanding of one's own product from a company. The communication we've received each time only contradicted the previous and has led to an utter disappointment in ATT.

If we don't get it resolved by end of January we're selling the cards on Ebay and closing his ATT plan and moving him over to my Verizon account.

Anything you can do to avoid this and resolve this matter would be greatly appreciated as he has been on AT&T for over 10 years and would like to remain.

This reviewer shared experience about "it wasn't possible to check multiple. poor customer service/order processing" and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $200. The author is overall dissatisfied with Att. The most disappointing about gift card from Att was poor customer service, lies and deceptive policies Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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