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I enter to an AT&T store at the Sunset Place in Miami, store #402, to buy a prepaid cellular phone. The representative told me I had to buy a minimum of $25.00 with it.

I agreed, it was the minimum, plus the cellular. He activated the phone,and I told him, let me try to see how it works the phone. The people that I called didn't hear me well I had to repeat myself several times. I spoke with two different people in that phone call and they said they hear me with interruptions.

I told the seller I didn't want that phone that I will get another prepaid phone or my money back. He refused to return the money of the airtime. I never left the store with the product, I was still trying the proper working of the phone. However, he already charged my card.

They are a discredit for internationally famous AT&T company. Watch out!

Ask them first to try for you the reception of the phone. You have to pay $25.00 minimum for trying one of their prepaid cells and if the phone doesn't work they don't return your money even if you still haven't left the store.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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