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I doubt this will help. If at&t wants to do something about their service they would have done it by now.

I've been having way too many complaints about my internet service with them.

I've had DSL service for almost 3 years now.

First time I connected it the at&t guy told me what I need to buy to connect it myself. He was wrong.

Then someone call said that someone will stop by the next day to check on my connection. I waited all day and no one came. I called back the number and it was disconnected. I called customer service and they said they have no idea who called me or what happened and that no one will come to check the service. What ever, it was working by that point anyway.

Then next year I had to move. I called them to change my service address. They said everything is fine and they will connect DSL at my new place. I asked them if I need to pay anything else relating to my old address service. They said no, all bills will be at my new address. Several weeks later I got a call from a collecting agency saying I owe them $20 something due to my at&t service. I didn't believed them cause I already paid everything and I never heard anything from at&t about some unpaid bill.

I called customer service and asked about why they didn't tell me about it. They keep saying sorry but I owe them money from my last address and they contacted me at that address but no one answered. WELL YEAH I told them I moved to a new place!!! Don't they have my record? They seem to have no problem sending me new bills at my new place.

I was so tempted to change service, but I was still on a contract.

And now, last week the internet suddenly have slow speed problem. I can barely load anything. I called customer service 3 times already, took over an hour explaining the same problem over and over again even when they just transferred my calls several times. And few nights ago the internet suddenly didn't work. I call them again saying it's not fixed yet. They said they'll send someone on Sunday between 8am-8pm. (8AM really? on a Sunday?). But anyway I said fine thank you so much. Then I waited home all day Sunday and surprised, no one showed up.

And it's still NOT FIXED!!!! What am I suppose to do??? I am so sick of calling them and waiting for someone to pick up. They should also reimbursed me for my minutes for waiting for them!!

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Hartshorne, Oklahoma, United States #425893

Hi Rennn – I’d like to look into this for you. Can you send me an email directly at with your name in the subject line?

Please include your concerns, account information, and a good contact number.

I’m in the office 8-5 cst. Thank you, David ~ AT&T Social Media Manager

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