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What happened to the service I once got when service with Bellsouth was seamless and now, AT&T moves in to make life more complicated??

I was trying to get new internet service (no other services) and was unable to pass through their identity check. Spoke with a very rude rep who stated she worked in the national identity verification office , refused to give the state she was in , "what difference does that make" she said, and resisted when asked for a supervisor. I was transferred to Mrs. Prince and told there was no other options but to fax my SS card, drivers license and a copy of a letter from the SS office to verify who I was.

It doesnt make sense even though I have had service with them before in the past and in two previous states, all paying my bill on time.

doing a random check of 2 other internet providers in town, I was able to clear their credit checks with out all the mess AT&T put me through.

I wasted several hours on the phone with them and Equifax fraud department to verify no identity tampering had gone on. The rep at Equifax stated my exact name as shown on my social security card and current, previous address, date of birth ; ect.

I lost around 4 hours of my time I can not get back and wondering if anyone else is having this same issue. I do not have a fax and what other options where offered she said there isnt. No emailing, sending a letter ;e ct. .... I was a bit uneasy at faxing my SS# anywhere.

When I asked who the operations manager was of their famous nationwide identity verification fortress, I was given a name that I can not look up on the internet. The so called nationwide identity complex can not be located on the internet either.

Saying i'm disappointed at the monopoly phone company is an understatement. There must be other ways identity can be verified instead of the new customer visit the local SS office, making a copy of a SS card and Drivers license ... while I'm at it should I also fax my blood donor card and library card?

Enough is enough.

I want this reported to ranks inside and outside of AT&T, specifically state, local and government agencies. Anyone have tips where I can get started to file formal complaints?

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