Recently I became the victim of a computer malware and my hard drive malfunctioned. After I got my computer fixed and home I tried to log on to ATT.net to check my email. I could not log onto my email because my password no longer worked. So I got online and tried to use the chat with a representative feature. Then, I learned that the answer to my security question was not correct. I gave her my account number. So after about one hour I was told that I could not get my information and that I would have to go to a retail location and present my ID to have my passcode and information reset. I was not given any more information than I had to go to a retail location for the password and passcode information reset.

So as soon as I got free today, I called to double check what information that I would need to have at a local retail location. I was told that I just needed my photo id. That was all I was told. So I go over to retail location at Irving Park and Lincoln Avenue. So I tell the representative my problem and he immediately goes online to the same screen to log on only to be told that I would have to have my password information mailed to me. He offered no new information. I told him that I was instructed by my chat person stated that I simply needed to go to a retail location and present my id to have this information reset. He then tells me that I would have to go to another location with customer support. He gives me a new location. He tells me nothing more.

So I go to another retail location on Broadway and Montrose. I walk into the place at around 5:00 p.m. I walk in the store and there seemed to be 8-10 people standing around doing very little except taking pictures on tablets and having a good time. As I walk in the door, a young lady asks me if she could help me. So I tell her my problem. So what she do? She walks over to another guy who was staring at a tablet and tells him the exact same thing that I told her. She tells me that he will help me and she walks away. We walk across the room where it is quieter and more private. So, he checks my id and proceeds to make a phone call. He asks for my phone number. So I give him my phone number. He makes a call. Then he asks me what type of service did I need reset a cell phone or a home phone. I tell him a home line. He makes another call. Then, he tells me that I need to come back on Monday because the customer service office was closed and he could only help me if I needed a reset on my cell phone.

At no time was I given any specific hours in which to go or a specific location.

The inability of staff members to give me proper and specific direction was if they were all on the job for their very first day. The were totally incapable of articulating anything to me until after fact. The only person who seemed to have any concern about how he was helping me was the last man, Cameron.

I hope that anyone who goes through the same situation that I just went through has plenty of time during the weekday to solve his/her problem. If only AT&T was as diligent and capable as they are of taking all of my money.

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