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Went to get a new phone.Just wanted a cheap phone.Got the same phone as I always used but the new phone did not have a camera nor bluetooth.I had to pay for this phone where I never had to pay for it before when I renewed my contract.I have been with this *** poor company for 30 years counting my land line.

When I started using my phone I could barely hear it.I went to the app center and lo and behold I have to purchase a ring tone if I want to hear my phone!For the 2.50 they want to get from me,they lost me. I am going anywhere but you scumbags for my service.You *** know this is a *** ringtone you built into the phone.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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pretty sure it wasn't THAT bad. you lasted 30 years!!??

yeah.... makes it seem like u ALLOWED them to *** u over huh??

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