My monthly bill of $19.99 a month / $20.10 total for AT&T HSI PRO N. Account number: 064 030-4654 163 7 / Account code 36925864.

July bill , service date: 06/06/13 - 07/05/13 $20.10 / August bill , service date: 07/06/13 - 08/05/13 $32.99 / September bill, service date: 08/06/13 - 09/05/13 $44.81. There is no explenation in bill summary same service, No up grade no extra services, same amount of service days. What changed? Please respond soon.

I cant pay that but I dont want to lose my internet service. Happy with the service but billing sucks .

Review about: Att Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Granbury, Texas, United States #714747

no offense social media manager but this happens to EVERYONE how will you fix EVERYONE'S account unless ATT does something about their entire system....i'm a forced ATT customer...i went with them at first because i thought they would be good service and i was completely wrong...if there was another option where i live i WOULD NOT have ATT for my home internet....i'm satisfied with my cell phone (except their expensive monthly rates for families)


Sorry to hear about this. I am a Social Media Manager for AT&T would like to help you with this.

Please email ATTCustomerCare@att.com with your Anonymous 445759 in the subject line with account and contact info.

I am here M-F 10am-7pm CST. Doris R.

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