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We have been with at&t for about 4 years and have not really had any real problems until recently. When we had 10 gigs of data to share, we seldom came close to using all 10.

Recently we were given 15 gigs for the same price. Still seldom going over our original 10 but it was nice to have a cushion. In the last three months we were allowed to roll data month to month. In two of the three months we have been over our data allotment without doing anything different.

In the first 3 days of the billing cycle we had already used 3 gig. That is impossible! There is something fishy going on.

we have talked to many others who have noticed the same thing. Just wondering if anyone else thinks at&t is screwing them?

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There are a lot of things that can contribute to data usage being higher, even if you don't necessarily do anything different. Updates to smartphone apps can have unpredictable results, and some apps can use large amounts of data in the background without you even realizing.

Even with only one person on a plan, it isn't hard to get to using a gb per day. The good news is that almost all modern smart phones have built in data counters that will tell you what apps are responible. Android phones are especially good at this. I'd recommend checking all the phones on the plan and paying attention through the rest of the .

Google guides for checking data usage on your particular phones.

It is very much possible to take control of your data use, but it takes learning s bunch about how the phones work and some continued effort. Good luck - a former AT&T customer service rep.

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