UNBELIEVABLE! Got a new mini and wanted cell service.

Called and added line. Needed to check credit after having been a customer for 12 years without a late. Did that. Answered all the validating questions.

Then an additional problem of their terms and condition system being down. They said they'd call in 2 hours when the system was up to do have me then go online and accept terms and conditions!!!!. When I called back 5 hours later they said it wouldn't be up till next day.

When I asked for supervisor I was told the credit check wasn't done!!!! Time to get Verizon

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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So you're going to switch providers simply due to a technical issue most likely caused by extensive system updates? Riiiiiight.


Chill out, stuff happens. Everyones systems go down from time to time - change out your tampon.

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