Raleigh, North Carolina

This is the ending excerpt from a online conversation. They charged two different credit cards for my account without me authorizing the transaction and without my permission. Then after 15 minutes online, they ask me if I have another account which isn't even offered in my area.

Rafael Thor: I understand. Did you receive a confirmation #?

Kovach: Why would I receive a confirmation for a charge YOU made to my card without my authorization????????

Kovach: You did this, not me

Rafael Thor: Cause before we take out a payment from our valued customer's bank account, We let you know about it. That's why we sent confirmation # John.

Rafael Thor: Do you have a confirmation #?

Kovach: You did NOT send a confirmation, You did NOT have my permission, you are wasting my time. I want to speak to someone higher up.

Rafael Thor: The confirmation number is composed of the amount,date & time and account number where the payment will be taken out.

Kovach: NEver mind. I will file charges with my bank and the Wire Fraud division immediately.

Rafael Thor: I understand. I really want to help you out John.

Rafael Thor: Have you called your bank and verify if that payment is for your Wireless AT&T service?

Kovach: Well, you are not. You are not listening to me and you are not listening to the problem. YOU CHARGED 2 DIFFERENT CREDIT CARDS WITHOUT ANYONE"S PERMISSION.

Kovach: I just posted it for you to see. It says ATT BILL. Can you not read it? I will post it again.

Kovach: PENDING AT T*BILL 07-20 32001608331 $94.83 $391.31

Kovach: There it says ATT BILL...... See it now???

Rafael Thor: Yes, Though we need to confirm if it's AT&T Wireless bill or U-verse bill. Do you have U-verse service? Like Home phones, DSL and U-verse TV?

Rafael Thor: Alright. As you can see after the 07-20 that's an account number.

Rafael Thor: I've checked both lines account number and it doesn't match. Now, May I know if you have U-verse service?

Kovach: What is your problem. I don't have U-Verse and if you don't know what I have been talking about for the last 10 minutes, then you need to transfer me to someone who can read. This is absurd.

Kovach: Conversation is printed. Taking it to my bank and then to file charges.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Service Transfer.

Monetary Loss: $147.

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