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I tried to file a complaint on line about the additional fees, and was only taken in circles and offered to buy more "services"--all this from ATT support site. I should be able to compose and send simple email to a company stating my opinion on, "We are adding the fee because other companies are adding similar fees." I tried that on my mom over 50 years ago, did not work then and should NOT work now for a grown up company like ATT. The company should be straight forward and just raise the cost of monthly service for wireless customers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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They can't raise the cost of monthly service because plans are set in place and the costs are not to be changed so as to keep peoples' plans consistent and not just raise them. However the extra fee that you're talking about (I assume it's the administrative fee) is mostly to fund new towers going up and things of the matter, so that ATT can remain competitive with their other charges.

Also, how much was it on your bill?

Was probably less than a dollar. I don't see how it's that huge of a deal, honestly.

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