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I went to the AT&T store to set up a wireless home phone in my mother-in-law's room at her new residence, a memory care facility. This is her only connection with her family, and it is crucial to us all.

After some 40 minutes at the AT&T store I was told by the AT&T rep that her old number was portable to her new AT&T home wireless phone. I installed the phone and was immediately able to make outgoing calls from the unit. However, It has been a week since I installed the phone, and her phone number has yet to be ported. That means we cannot call her.

Typically for an AT&T service call, the call support people try to steer you to the questions they CAN answer, if it doesn't deal with YOUR problem.

Very frustrating, and literally hours of my time, and the problem remains unresolved. After calling one toll-free number, where I waded through prompts, I was given an alternate number to call. I called that number and spent 30 minutes with one rep who did not know how to deal with my issue. She asked for a passcode; I gave her the one 4-digit code I had set up with the order and she claimed it did not work.

So, onto her supervisor... who is now calling his sales department to see why an account under my mother-in-law's name does not appear on his computer screen. Now, I am on the phone with sales, who are taking the exact same info I gave them when I purchased the new phone and service. I mean....

SERIOUSLY?????? Hours to get a phone for an elderly woman who NEEDS this to speak with her family?? The most basic phone available? And now the lady on the phone is trying to sell me something?!

Can you believe it... Let's all pray that this gets resolved before the sun goes down...

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. stephenh stated that there is a room for improvement of poor customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of att phone service. Att needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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