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Went to purchase an IPhone 8 for my wife for Mother's Day. She wanted a red phone so I asked the salesman and he pointed to several phones on display, none of them red. He said that's all we have.

So I picked up a unit and brought it home to my wife.

She said she wanted a red phone and went to the website and found that AT&T does carry them.

So I went back to the store and attempted to swap it for a red phone but they wanted to charge $45 to restock. I waited to be able to purchase the pricey phone and couldn't cough up another $45.

I called the Sales Director Edith Acevedo to see if she could waive the fee, but was less than sympathetic and supportive and frankly left me with the worst experience in any dealings with AT&T.

I wanted to let Bryan Gonterman know that this was the worst Mother's Day gift (still in the box) and for the next 2 years my wife will be most unhappy with AT&T's customer service.

Cost to lose a customer was $45. What's the cost to gain a new one?

I will not be purchasing a Father's day AT&T phone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Iphone 8 Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Waive the restock fee!.

I didn't like: Charging a re stock fee for salesmans lack of product knowledge.

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The facts were that the store did indeed have a Red phone but the salesman didn't know it was in stock.Your monologue of speculation is about as inaccurate as your understanding of the situation.It's easy to stand on a platform and spew stupidity as you have so blatantly done. I pity you.This is about customer service simply - which AT&T does not care about. We wanted one product and were misled and they could care less.So Durpa get a life!!


You sir are incorrect. While yes they may carry different colors, not every store is going to have a specific color or every color.

So they sales person was correct, THEY didnt have any red phones in stock AT THAT LOCATION! Finding out late and after the fact doesn’t qualify you for a return. If color was so important that you could have waited and they could have gotten you a red phone. However I have a feeling this is less about color and more about your wife not liking the performance of the phone.

So you make up a frivolous excuse and try and blame the sales person so you have the appearance of a leg to stand on. In the process of blaming the sales person you are going to demand a different phone brand. You’re transparent and childish.First of color is so important then get a red case. Second, if you’re using the phone without a rugged case then the color isn’t going to matter, it won’t last a week.

See how easy it is to spot the scammer?? It’s called buyers remorse so get over it and move on. At the end of the day this is on you. You didn’t have to take the phone.

You didn’t have to pay for it if you were not happy with the choices. Lastly, just because you see a phone like yours in a different color doesn’t mean YOUR CARRIER actually recieved that color. It’s very common to give a specific carrier specialized colors. Especially since they paid for it.

I’m reminded of several iPhone releases where Verizon would get a special color or sprint.

And everyone else would have to wait and MAYBE they would get a phone in of that color. Or just change carriers, which is why they do that.


Glad you were Anonymous meathead.If you could read you would have determined that the salesman indicated that there were no red phones - and yet there were. Clearly an error on the part of AT&T.


It’s not AT&T’s fault you and your wife are picky about a phones color! It funcitions the same no matter the color!

So no special treatment because you got the wrong color. Only waived if it’s dis functional and due to their error.

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