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ATT in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Rip Off Artists!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check this out below - you all better copy your chat sessions too!!! AT&T: Hello! Thanks for choosing AT&T Chat. Brian G: Hello, my name is Brian G. I'll be happy to assist you. Sean: Just got a bill that is way high - I negotiated with someone there a bit ago and was told if I paid the last $320 that this one would be reduced to the new service plan I am under. What happened to that conversation??????????????? Brian G: Sean, I know how frustrating it is when your bill is higher than your expectations. Brian G: I am truly sorry for what happened, Let me assure you that I will get to the bottom of this issue. Brian G: Let me check what best I can do for you. Brian G: If I understand you correctly Sean, you have a question about high Uverse bill. Is that correct? Sean: Yes and the other services I pay for - The current bill was supposed to be no more than $140 Brian G: I can completely understand your concern. Brian G: I can help you with that! Brian G: Please allow me a moment, while I access your account. Brian G: As I can see currently you are using Uverse TV U450 pack, Internet 24Mbps pack and Uverse voice unlimited pack, you are paying $216.00 plus taxes for all this services. Brian G: I am also reviewing your chat with the previous representative as well that you had before. Sean: I was overbilled on my last bill due to some kind of end of a plan I had no idea I was on and the person I did this chat with said that I should just pay that $320 and the new bill would be less than $140 - I have the follow up emails from you - what more do you need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brian G: He said this thing to you as I was reviewing your chat"Approx 25 days will be billed at the new rate, resulting in an estimated credit of -$71.66. added to your next bill for partial month billing.Your next bill estimated amount is $144.34 plus taxes and fees" Sean: What happened then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brian G: This $144.34 was your bill after receiving the credit of $71.66. Brian G: I reviewed your account & as per your account records, you were offered promotional price for 12 months. Now, you are being billed as per the regular price of your services. Sean: Please send out a new bill Brian G: I can not send you the new bill as I am not allowed to do so but I can send you the steps for the same. Brian G: to do but** Sean: Please put me in contact with the person who can then - this is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! Brian G: I can completely understand your concern. Brian G: I am escalating this issue to my supervisor. Brian G: I request you to contact our specialist department they will help you out with your concern. Brian G: I am also making special notes in your account so you will not have to repeat anything once you contact them. Brian G: Being from the billing department, I'm only authorized to look up your account information and assist you with your query. Brian G: Will that be fine? Send Send Message Chime On Email Transcript Print TranscriptBrian G Will that be fine?Submit
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Att U-verse Bundle
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