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I had deactivated my Facebook for a while and had not intended to reactivate until the end of this month but I wanted to share with you an experience I had with AT&T. On 1/13/15 I called AT&T about switching my dad's home phone service from VOIP Uverse back to a traditional land line.

He has had service with AT&T since they merged with SWBell. The first bill he received from AT&T he inadvertently paid $0.32 over so he had a 32 cent credit but they actually disconnected his phone and reassigned his number for nonpayment. Moving forward for the last 20 years he's been paying for 3 separate services with AT&T for a simple land line home phone. He paid $23 for local $46 for long distance and $15 for a calling package that included call waiting and caller ID that sort of thing.

That's $84 for home phone service! I noticed the really high charges for phone service and contacted AT&T. Instead of offering to switch him to a more modern billing system we were offered the Uverse voice over internet protocol phone service. I voiced my concerns to the salesman and he assured me that they had worked out the issues.

There were no more dropped calls and it had crystal clear sound. "It's better that traditional service.", he said. I don't remember his name that was months ago but bottom line is he's a liar. The service like all AT&T services was horrible.

I made multiple calls trying to correct the issues to no avail and gave up. My brother has Sprint cell service so in an emergency someone can call out. I forgot to mention my dad's cell carrier is also AT&T so basically useless. Long story short on 1/13/15 I called to have the service ported back to land line.

Justin (11th completed transfer and 45 minutes of holding later) assured me the service would take place between 8a-12p on 1/15/15. The technician did not show up or call to confirm, cancel, or reschedule. That's not so surprising. I called AT&T at 2pm and was transferred 7 times until I reached William.

He could not find the order, told me he understood my concern and would have his manager call me right away. 2 hours later she still had not called. I should tell you the minute I entered the phone number into the automated system it states you have a service appointment scheduled for today to be completed by the end of the day. Apparently the is no end of the day with AT&T because the service still has not been completed.

Moving forward, I called again. After 19 transfers and 63 minutes of holding in between I reached David who told me, "I'll get someone out there right away" though to be fair he also could not find an order. He told me he would call me back with details. He lied.

Justin had given me his personal number on the 13th so as a last resort I called him. It was after hours and he was at home. I apologized but he assured me FIRST thing in the morning I will flood our techs with your dad's number and the first one available to go out there will handle it. He said I'll call you in the morning and let you know either way.

Now on 1/16/15 at 10:30 am he still had not called me. I sent him a text asking for an update and he replied he was catching up on some stuff but would get to it later. Later like of end of the day also does not exist. I call AT&T again after 9 transfers and approx.

67 minutes of hold time I reached Ann. She told me that the service was schedule for Monday the 19th. I told her that is unacceptable you have until noon to get someone to my dad's address and have his service completed. She transferred me.

Surprise. While on the line with Yokry, the person I was transferred to, I received a call from Trinea. Trinea informed me that the service was scheduled for the 21st but she PERSONALLY - she actually emphasized personally reached out to the scheduling department and they have agreed to get someone to do the service at the earliest opening. Are you ready..?

1/19/15. I lost my cool at that point and demanded a supervisor. Trinea told me he supervisor was unavailable. I told her to get me his supervisor.

She told me he was out. I told her I don't care, transfer me to the girl next to you and tell her to say she's the manager but get me off the phone with you. She asked me to hold. I told her, "Trinea don't try to be cute and leave me on hold for an hour I know how you work at AT&T.

I promise you I have nothing but time on my hands and everyone I know and everyone they know will hear about this". She said I'll give you my direct number and you can call back just to see if it's really my number and I'll transfer you to my manager, Dennis Brewer's voice mail. The number she gave me was 877/377-1674 access code 837 push 1 for yes then enter extension 3061. I reached Mr.

Brewer's voice mail and left a detailed message. I waited 2 hours for him to return my call and he failed to do so. Maybe you're still surprised by that but I'm not. I called Trinea and she transferred me to to him.

He had the audacity to tell me he had just that moment ended a conference call and was about to call me when my call came trough. I'm going with liar but you can decide for yourself. He gave me his direct number which is 714/259-4504 and assured me he would do all he could to get someone out there before Monday and he would personally - they like saying that- call me back. He never called me.

I didn't expect him to. You might wonder why this service being complete is so important to me. My dad has been hospitalized multiple times in the last few months and having a working phone is probably step one in receiving help in an emergency situation. AT&T has failed across the board.

This long tirade is not where it ends. I hope that each person who sees this post with call both Trinea and Dennis Brewer and let them know how you feel after reading this and also how AT&T has failed you - personally - I think they'll enjoy hearing that word it's clearly one for their favorites.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Service Transfer.

Reason of review: poor customer service AND bad quality AND order processing AND pricing ANA probably throw delivery in there for good measure.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

ATT Cons: Entire company.

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