Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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I am still working on simply cancelling my long distance phone and reducing my home phone package to a basic package. I called at

946 AM and now it is 1044 AM and I just finished.

I had the privilege of talking to 5 different representatives, entering my account number 11 times, being disconnected, and giving a representative a geography lesson on where she might find Wisconsin. She also said the account number listed on my bill was not a valid account. After 10 years of being abused as a customer I am leaving. Should have done is sooner.

I am an *** for not doing so. Never again will AT&T waste an hour of my life or get any of my money! *** company.

You would think a company in the communication industry would get a handle on actually communicating.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

  • incompetent customer service
  • Customers First
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In Wisconsin, file a complaint with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs 1-800-422-7128, then do the same with the FCC.


I absolutely hate dealing with AT&T customer service. I wish the CEO of the company can start reading complains and do some training with his staff.

I wasted days being on the phone not getting anywhere. I must of spoken with 11 different people for a simple questions. Why is it so hard for them to do training?

Pleaseeeeeeeeeee do not claim you guys are partners with Direct TV. Direct TV have no clue what you guys do.


Yes, I am a victim of ATT also. they done me the same way, taken money out my account then all of the sudden you have no information on me on nothing.

I received an offer from Direct Tv and they offered me Att service in which I was interested in until I found out that due to the placement of my unit that I was not able to get Direct Tv so I was refunded my $21.00 I gave Direct Tv, now when it came to getting my $50.00 back this is where the nightmare began. Now Att debited $50.00 from my account on 11/25/2015 it is now as of today 01/06/2016 and I have not got an answer from anyone, about when Im going to get my money back, all I have received this whole time is unlimited transfers, hung up on, one person said talk to my bank because they already sent the refund and my question back was well how did you do that, you cant even pull up my information so how is that possible and they just hung up.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ATT, any site you look on it is the same types of comments and basically they don't care because you would not have so may complaints of the same nature consistently. Everyone please share your experiences as much as possible to shut this MONEY EATING, TIME WASTING MONSTER DOWN, there is power in numbers and have your friend post and repost from any social sites.

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