I have been with At&t for more than seven to eight years not because they were good but I do not have time to look at the rediculious bill they sent me monthly. My phone bill goes from $130 to $$300 $ $400 per month.

I had added my disabled son to be supposely be $9.00 per month but each month $60 $70 extra is added to my bill eventhough my son hadly use the phone because the phone was broken and was not in use for months, I was still getting a hugh bill from internet usage from the line nobody was using. I pay roughly $300 to $400 per month for phone I hadly usedi. My daughter lost her phone, I went to punshop to get old phone not smart phone. After tried several time without success on line, I told go to local agent to get another SIM card.

My daughter went to the local agent for the SIM card that the phone is working when my bill came an extra $119. 00 was added to my bill making one month bill more than $400 and my. husband who hadly use his phone for anything other than phone call pays more than $200. to $300 to at&t monthly.

This a separate account from my account. My family is entirely working for at&t. My recent surgery gave me time to look at how my family is donating money to big corporation like att who has no mercy or care to anybody but how to get richer and richer from people daily. I will not sleep until I remove the 225-252-5401 and 225-341-9300 under the at&t circle a better to company who wiill appreciate our business.

For money they think I owe them, for my stupidity will be paid over twenty years in parts. Thanks to ATT for horrible treatment.

Review about: Att Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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