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Home phone service when out and when I called the first I was told it would be January 4th before the problem can be resolved. I asked to speak to a supervisor as I run a business from my home and regularly have to send and receive faxes.

I was told I would get a call back. The call I got was a recording confirming my appointment for the 4th which is 2 weeks away from the day I reported the problem. Now for the kicker. Since I reported a problem with the phone service they run some type of test on the line that disrupts my DSL service.

I called back 2 days later and asked since we know the line is bad can you please stop running the non stop test on the line so I can at least still have my DSL service. I was told it was not possible unless I wanted to cancel the service call on the phone line. Really... I cannot wait until the next salesman shows up on my door to sell me their all inclusive phone/internet/wireless/TV package.

2 weeks without thanks. Unless that s not a monopoly yet.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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On December 17th my phone began ringing one and a half times, two or three times in succession, eight or ten times a day. No one on the line.

Three days later I noticed I could hear other people talking faintly, holding their own conversations, when I answered. Called AT&T on the 21st, and "Adrian" tested the line and confirmed the problem was theirs. They'll work it. No need for home access.

But, she said, "with all the trouble we're having in California", it might be December 26th before it could be fixed. After talking to Adrian, line is completely dead. Now December 29th and no fix still. No contact from AT&T at all.

On December 28th I called again. Recording said "10 minute wait". I gave up after 30 minutes on hold on my cell (BUT took picture of cell phone showing timer and number called for future evidence). Went online and message said AT&T "missed my appointment and would give me next available appointment", whatever that means.

It offered me two options: "take no action", which presumably means the pending trouble ticket will maybe be worked someday, or "cancel service request". Twelve days and counting.

What is this, the old Soviet Union? :(

Grafton, Massachusetts, United States #229042


You are absolutely right about Att customer repairs are the worst...I tried to call repair service 611 using my cell phone with limited minutes i was told i could file a report on line if I didn't want to hold.45 minutes on hold then discnnected...My minutes on my cell are all used so I have to pay 35cents a min to call back to repair service next day.I tried on line.What a joke.Result: Due to high volume can't pull up your records try again later.I am a senior limited income on oxygen. I need my land line phone for health issues ...Well good luck...Repair scheduled for 9 days down the road...

Time warner phone service here I come...


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