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AT&T is the absolute worst company in the United States. The customer service for this company was unacceptable before I encountered problems with my account and has continued to spiral down ever since.

When I first purchased internet service, they sent me to router and it didn't work. I called to have the maintenance man come out and fix the cables. We set an appointment and he was a no show. I called again...

he was a no show again. I ended up calling seven times before I finally received a visit from a technician. To my surprise, he had to schedule another type of technician to fix the problem. Upon arrival of my first bill, I was STILL unable to get an internet connection.

Finally, after over a month I was able to log onto the internet. Next...Did you know that if you move across state lines you have to start new service first calling one number, then call another number to cancel the old service. Well... I didn't.

Apparently I had two accounts for quite some time. So one day, I found out I was being billed for the old service address and new service address as well. I call a few times to rationally speak to someone about removing these changes, but they could never find my account. So instead of fighting it, I requested a statement be delivered to me to pay it off.

After waiting for weeks, I never received it. I called back to see about a faxed or emailed statement instead. These guys tell me they are unable to email or fax things. I'm sure this was the case in 1994, but in 2011?

Doubtful. The next time I called they must have received their first ever fax machine because they offered to fax a statement... until I gave them the area code. No, their fax machine can't send to Texas.

So, to this day, I have not receive the information I've requested. I've cried on the phone several times because of the extreme frustration. It is a terrible thing when you call customer service and they don't even have notes on file as to how many times a customer has to call to get one thing accomplished. As a manager at a call center, I have learned from this experience.

I tell my employees, "Put yourself in the customer's shoes and DON'T EVER be like AT&T" For the past year, I've told everyone I know to never use AT&T.

I took it to Facebook about six months ago and now as I continue to be absolutely disgusted by the repulsive excuse for customer service they deliver, I am now posting this review on every credible review site I know. Thanks for making my life 100X more difficult, AT&T.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $415.

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I feel you're pain! Get in touch with the corporate office, which is located in Texas.

Talk to someone there who will be able to help you. I emailed the CEO a few years ago and was able to speak to someone that helped me tremendously!

I received a $1,300 credit and my system was up and working within 60 minutes of the repairmen getting here (about 1 day).

Hope this helps!

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