Wichita, Kansas
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my wife and I bought new phones from AT&T I paid $150 for samsung galaxy 3 the manager at the AT&T store on 21st and maize Wichita Kansas was the one setup my account when you pull the phone out of the box he could not get the phone to work he had to do a master reset on it so finally when he thought it was working and I went on my way I found myself 20 minutes later back at the AT&T store being helped by somebody else that had to do two more master reset on my phone before finally actually started to someone at work ever since day one I've had network failures invalid streams dropped calls calls don't go through text messages for days later voicemail so don't come in until months later aT&T has been the worst service ever I call the customer service and the only thing they tell me is it they will send me a refurbished trashed phone after I paid 150 for a brand new phone I feel like I was scammed by AT&T I feel that anybody that is going to sign up with AT&T should not they should go to at T Mobile Verizon or any of the above AT&T is the worst cellphone provider that I've ever had my life and as soon as I can get out of my contract I'm going to run like ***

Monetary Loss: $150.

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They should just give you a new phone at the store! ATT is nothing but crooks!

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