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I spent almost 2 hours being passed from one customer rep to another - probably a dozen in all - when I called to have my Internet reconnected this week. One rep site was all Spanish which I don't speak!

Several times they disconnected me altogether and I had to start over, going through their totally annoying robo answering service, which can't understand a word regardless of how loud you speak! Each time I would give the information asked for and then told someone else would have to help. One time I was told that he couldn't help Washington state for no reason at all! I was in tears and shouting by the time someone finally knew what she was doing and took care of my problem.

I also recently found out that over the past 10 years, I've been charged over $7,000 because they didn't cancel service when asked to back in 2005 and I only recently found out about it. I had helped a lifelong friend get a cell phone at that time because she lived alone and couldn't afford it and I paid the bill each month. When she moved in with her daughter in North Carolina, the phone wouldn't work there so she called AT&T to cancel it and used her daughter's instead. She told me about it at the time.

I had a cell phone of my own for just emergencies and never paid any attention to my phone number. When I was billed over $60 a month, I thought it was for that phone. I recently bought an IPhone and when the first bill came in for that service as well as the ongoing $60 statement, I realized I had been making 10 years of payments for a phone that I had been told was cancelled that long ago! Of course, all AT&T said was "I'm sorry" and that they couldn't credit me a dime!

I'm 80 years old and not tech savvy like young people are and was told I should have paid more attention to my bill. The real fault was AT&T customer service not doing as they were asked 10 years ago and cancelling the account.

I'm in the process of switching to Sprint. No one could be any worse than AT&T!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

ATT Pros: Until this happened.

  • Att Poor Customer Care Experience
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And you would think that because they are the telephone company they could pull the telephone records and verify or prove the call never happened. But either they are too ignorant to do so or simply don't care about customer service.

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