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Have phone service with ATT for several years, phone would not hold a charge (cell phone), took to a service center, was put on phone with a no-service person for an hour. new battery, went back to store, same problem, same routine, was told it was my fault, sent new phone case.

Back to store, same routine, sent me a new charging cord. Now I am waiting for another battery. No phone for about two months unless you plug the phone in the wall, will not hold a charge. Worst customer service in the history of mankind.

I would recommend that anyone avoid ATT like bad money.

All this for a 49.00 phone. WARNING TO ALL WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER, AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $49.

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Worst customer service ever. My at&t problems: tech showed up out of no where..i wasnt home, couldnt get them back gor a week, got stood up, tech makes it out (supposed there between 9am and 2pm) showed at 8pm drunk, flushes phone down my toilet, breaks.toliet, sets up wrong boxes, a week later get new boxes with wrong wires, the channel and package agreed upon is wrong, set up direct billing they took one bill then stopped, never recieved a bill paper or electronic after several attempts,they actially told me I didn't exist, then finally get a bill for $1000, bills were supposed to be $114 for cable and internet, bills are$ 279, tried to cancell cinemax every mo.

For the last 6 mo, no dice, was told by a rep to just pay my bill whem it's due and not worry about billing (had no clue when it wbill was due or how much). still not all i'll update.

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I will try to help you with your equipment issue. You can email me: and include your contact information with your name in the subject line. Thanks, Johnathon ATTCustomerCare.


If the phone is several years old its time to get a new phone. Phones aren't meant to last forever.

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