AT&T is without a doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with.

Over 6 months ago my friend that was on my plan stopped paying her phone bill. I addressed it with AT&T they told me I could just reduce her plan to a 9.99 a month option so I didn't have to pay her cancellation fee or keep paying her bill. I was just fine with that despite the fact that she was able to renew her contract without my consent or me even being notified. So AT&T tells me I should have put a pass code on my account... I was never notified of her renewal until she stopped paying her bill.

How is that good business? Shouldn't AT&T be protecting their customer?. I understand she was on my bill, but how was she able to renew a contract without me even being notified? The bill is under my name. She had no access.

Now I go back and look at my bill and realized after all these months I've been paying for her data plan because AT&T "forgot" to tell me that I have to have her IMEI number to remove the plan. Seeing that this is impossible to get since she stopped talking to me whenever I suspended her service...

This is the worst customer service experience I've ever had and it keeps coming. Now I'm pretty much locked into paying an extra $60 bucks a month or a contract cancellation fee.

AT&T takes no responsibility for any of this. No I'm sorry. Just "Holly, you signed a contract saying you are responsible for service." Customer satisfaction and the fact that I've been a loyal customer for several years means nothing to them. I once believed in AT&T.

Now I'm just in an unhappy relationship with AT&T until I can come up with the money to cancel the contract and be rid of them forever .

Review about: Att Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I would definitely take Holly to small claims court! You have a good case, it appears, and any judge in their right mind would award you money.

Even if she doesn't pay, which most likely the deadbeat won't, you'll have the awarded judgment then you can garnish her wages legally!

Woo Hoo! GITTER!

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There is no easy way to contact customer service. No email, no online submission, no live chat anymore. Only wait forever being hold on phone lines...

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