Email address was hacked about 10 days ago. We cannot log in or change password and the system will not accept our DOB, last 4 of SSN, or zip code.

Did everything online that they request, including a description of the problem, alternate email address, and phone number to be contacted at. 10 days later, after 5 submissions, still no response. No numbers or help online, so I called the closest thing I could find, which was internet technical support. Our Yahoo email account is through AT&T and was set up through AT&T over 10 years ago.

The first person (Alvin) that I spoke to insisted my email was att.net and I was lying that my email address is sbcglobal.net. I've logged into my sbcglobal.net email address every day, sometimes multiple times a day, for over 10 years. Don't you think I'd know my own email address??? I was then told that I need to speak to DSL since I have DSL, but I don't have DSL.

I've had Uverse for 2 months. So I get transferred right back to the beginning automated voice activated greeting for general customer service. Same run around, and second guy (Raymond) transfers me again... back to the beginning automated voice activated greeting for general customer service.

Third guy refuses to give name and claims again, that I'm lying about my email address. Then tells me he is going to transfer me. I ask him for a phone number for the legal department before he transfers me and he tells me there is no such thing as a legal department (BS). Then he puts me on hold for 10 minutes.

He comes back to say I need to speak to sbcglobal and he's going to transfer me. Puts me on hold for another 10 minutes. Comes back and tells me he's going to transfer me to sbcglobal again.

Puts me on hold, then hangs up on me. Nearly two hours on the phone w/ AT&T and absolutely NOTHING accomplished except the fact that I'm ready to threaten bodily harm to the next moronic AT&T so-called customer service agent I come across.

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