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I have been waiting to get in contact with an At&t Customer Service Rep now for over 40 minutes. I am on hold on 2 different phone lines.

Without question, I am going to cancel my home service and internet service. It is ridiculous how bad their customer service is. It must be the worst job in the world to work for At&t customer service because if someone actually gets through they must be really upset about the time that it takes. That is where I am now.

I am absolutely livid.

It is irresponsible and inexcusable. I encourage a general boycott of At&t.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

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They lied to me about the service i could get and the price. If you talk to 5 different people you get 5 different answers. I done with them.


I have now been on hold for 2 hours and 42 minutes. My other line has been on hold for 1 hr 7 minutes. I am not giving up since this is the 3rd time I have called to try and get a billing situation fixed!!!


As I write this, I am curretnly on hold trying to cancel my DSL service as I am moving...I have been on hold for over an hour now. I am almost ready to just send them their last bill with a an old fahioned, handwritten letter telling them to turn it off....UNACCEPTABLE....will not be using them ever again.


at&t's customer service is so ridiculously painful and upsetting to deal with. and even when you get through to a manager to complain to, you get no where. Their co-operate heads should seriously think about improving customer service or the company will be loosing a lot of customers at this rate!


AT&T they have one number to call. They hold you on the line forever and no one answers.

I have been trying to close my account since we moved Jan 25, 2012. I guess I will have to just let the bills keep piling up until they take me to court.LOL

Stormin Normin


Error on my bill I cancelled internet service got my new bill with internet charges I canlled at 8:30 actually was speaking to a Rep and some how got disconnected I have been on HOLD for an HOUR and a Half and still waiting .. :(


Hold time so far is almost an hour and still haven't talked to anyone that can fix my problem. They are charging me 10 times my normal bill and I am having to wait over an hour just to TALK to someone to try to fix my issue.

This is the worst customer service I've ever had. Have previously spent 6+ hours on the phone trying to sort out another issue.


This is the worst customer service I have ever seen. I spent 5 hours so far still not able to talk to the right department.

After being hold 30 min to an 1 hour, it goes to wrong department. About 2 hours later found a lady who is actually in the right department, but the phone got disconnected in the middle fo the conversation. Called back....again in the same loop. I am on hold with ATT as I am writing this.

I was promised no activation and insallation fee to get the Internet but seeing my first month bill is $250 just for 12mb Internet.

Half of my day is gone at work and still waiting....I will cancell this service if I really can talk to somebody today. I would highly recommend anybody not to use any ATT service.


Got disconnected once, Told the machine I wanted to cancel my service, I have been waiting 26 minutes, wonder if I had said I wanted more service if the wait would have been shorter? ATT if you are going to try and service so many customers for so many products, you're making money out of it so have a customer service team that can actually handle them!!!!!


Haven't spoke to anyone yet, place in the *** for customer service. 50 minutes on hold now on a Tuesday afternoon.


I am trying to cancel my home phone service with ATT. I have been on hold for an hour and a half (and still counting) at this point. Can't wait to be done with this company.


I have had problems with AT&T for a year now, extremely long hold times, incompetent service people bouncing you from one department to another, actually lying to you as to your service order and what will be done and then having to call again because it wasn't done (this happened on multiple instances). I started documenting all my calls with minimum time on the phone for 1 hour. I am looking to find the appropriate channel for a consumer complaint at AT&T ad with the government.


While I understand AT&T has wireless, internet, home/business lines, and even TV service....they are in desperate need of a way to ASSIST their customers.

I placed an order with AT&T last week to have our 800# forwarded (at my place of business) and was told that the request had been completed. It was not done. Here is what has happened since:

Called Yesterday-

1. On hold for 42 minutes, then disconnected

2. Called back again, on hold 38 minutes, transferred to rep, disconnected again.

Called Today ---

1. On hold 35 minutes, spoke to rep and unable to help me.

2. Transferred to another rep (held 20 minutes for her)

3. Told by new rep. that they had transferred me to wrong dept. Put on hold again. Transferred.

4. Next rep, told again that it was the wrong dept. Put on hold.

5. Next rep., able to explain situation and rep. told me that according to his notes I had "hung up when originally placing 800# forward" and thus, order was never completed. This was of course NOT TRUE and the rep. I had talked to yesterday said everything was done and that I didn't need a confirmation #.

6. Rep. said I would need to talk to 800# specialist, put on hold. I am on hold as I write this. It has been 52 minutes just holding again!

I do believe that if I hear the recording "Your call is very important to us. A representative will be with you shortly" again I may just SCREAM!!!!



I signed up for the 19.95 high speed DSL promotion and was billed $43 for my first bill.

I called customer support, like any sane person would, and I've currently been on hold 1 hour 5 minutes.

Keith P

Read my post about AT&T outsourcing customer service. This will give you some insight.


I had a problem with reversing the amounts I was paying to ATT for home phone service and cell phone service. I must say that the cell phone customer service dept was much easier and nicer to deal with than the home phone line which I have had for 35 years and never been late.

I called the ATT cell phone service and explained my problem. They said that they could transfer the extra amount from the home phone account and so I thought all would be well. They ended up deducting the amount from my ATT home phone acct on two different days, throwing my home phone acct in the red. I was then charged late fees and interest by my home phone account for the negative balance that ATT cell phone had caused.

Then when I didn;t pay it since I had actually overpaid them at that point, they put through a disconnect notice. I tried numerous times to contact them and rectify the situation. I actually spoke to 13 different customer service agents who made me explain the entire problem over and over and the final conclusion was always that I needed to speak to a supervisor. The first supervisor called me back SIX days after the original call.

She left a message and a call back number to reach her. When I called that number, the agent answering the phone acted like I couldn;t just reach a supervisor by name and I would have to speak to the one available. Then I waited for another call back which never came. I never did get the problem resolved and since I needed my phone, I just paid the charges.

I am sure this happens to many more people than just me.

It makes me want to drop my home phone service. Where is some corporate information, I would like to send them my call records and names.


How about four hours on the phone and internet chat. When I 'migrated' from Worldnet at their insistence, ATT just discontinued webpages I’ve had with them for several years, and did not give me any notice.

I never did get the problem fixed.

Anyone want to sue?


40 minutes to wait is nothing compared to my wait, almost 2 hours for tech support to help with new high speed DSL, could not understand the rep that I got, transferred to another rep and could just barely understand him, (could not speak English)they never did solve problem, figured out on my own with help of friends, total time spent with At&t was 9 hours over 2 days. My daughter is now going through the exact same thing with them.

It is the craziest thing I've ever dwelt with, I asked to speak to a supervisor and they refused!! They do not understand livid or anger so it is pointless to be bad, they are like trained zombies.

I feel bad for everyone that has a issue and requires thier service. Plus there are expensive fees to finally speak to tech support.

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