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I have been waiting to get in contact with an At&t Customer Service Rep now for over 40 minutes.I am on hold on 2 different phone lines.

Without question, I am going to cancel my home service and internet service. It is ridiculous how bad their customer service is. It must be the worst job in the world to work for At&t customer service because if someone actually gets through they must be really upset about the time that it takes. That is where I am now.

I am absolutely livid.

It is irresponsible and inexcusable.I encourage a general boycott of At&t.

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They lied to me about the service i could get and the price. If you talk to 5 different people you get 5 different answers. I done with them.


I have now been on hold for 2 hours and 42 minutes. My other line has been on hold for 1 hr 7 minutes. I am not giving up since this is the 3rd time I have called to try and get a billing situation fixed!!!


As I write this, I am curretnly on hold trying to cancel my DSL service as I am moving...I have been on hold for over an hour now. I am almost ready to just send them their last bill with a an old fahioned, handwritten letter telling them to turn it off....UNACCEPTABLE....will not be using them ever again.


at&t's customer service is so ridiculously painful and upsetting to deal with. and even when you get through to a manager to complain to, you get no where. Their co-operate heads should seriously think about improving customer service or the company will be loosing a lot of customers at this rate!


AT&T they have one number to call.They hold you on the line forever and no one answers.

I have been trying to close my account since we moved Jan 25, 2012.I guess I will have to just let the bills keep piling up until they take me to court.LOL

Stormin Normin


Error on my bill I cancelled internet service got my new bill with internet charges I canlled at 8:30 actually was speaking to a Rep and some how got disconnected I have been on HOLD for an HOUR and a Half and still waiting .. :(


Hold time so far is almost an hour and still haven't talked to anyone that can fix my problem.They are charging me 10 times my normal bill and I am having to wait over an hour just to TALK to someone to try to fix my issue.

This is the worst customer service I've ever had.Have previously spent 6+ hours on the phone trying to sort out another issue.


This is the worst customer service I have ever seen.I spent 5 hours so far still not able to talk to the right department.

After being hold 30 min to an 1 hour, it goes to wrong department. About 2 hours later found a lady who is actually in the right department, but the phone got disconnected in the middle fo the conversation. Called back....again in the same loop. I am on hold with ATT as I am writing this.

I was promised no activation and insallation fee to get the Internet but seeing my first month bill is $250 just for 12mb Internet.

Half of my day is gone at work and still waiting....I will cancell this service if I really can talk to somebody today.I would highly recommend anybody not to use any ATT service.


Got disconnected once, Told the machine I wanted to cancel my service, I have been waiting 26 minutes, wonder if I had said I wanted more service if the wait would have been shorter? ATT if you are going to try and service so many customers for so many products, you're making money out of it so have a customer service team that can actually handle them!!!!!


Haven't spoke to anyone yet, place in the *** for customer service. 50 minutes on hold now on a Tuesday afternoon.

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