Sherman, Texas
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I absolutely CANNOT express how UNHAPPY and DISSATISFIED I am with AT&T. WORST most UNHELPFUL customer service and WORST experience of my life with phone companies. Shout out to Sprint...they only reason I changed was because I had no service with them in my new house!

WORST experience of my life with AT&T and the next plan!!! I have two lines on my plan and upgraded them. One phone was not already on the next plan and we upgraded to the next plan not because we wanted to but because we didn't want an extra $40.00 dollars being added to the policy (which is was anyway due to the monthly cost of the phone). The second phone was already on the next plan and we upgraded it to the next plan as we were already STUCK in it! The first frustration I have is that when I upgraded my phone I did it at best buy and was there for SIX hours while AT&T tried to straighten out my account. This took so long because the customer service was very UNHELPFUL to me and it took Best Buys contact with AT&T to speak with them and fix it.

The first phone that was not on a next plan I was not required to send back as the phone was already paid in full when we upgraded it. The second phone that was already on the next plan I did have to send back and knew that. I sent it back but to no surprise they did NOT receive it. I called AT&T and talked to a rep who was unable to help and had a "billing specialist" call me back. When I got that call back it was not a billing specialist but someone who had to transfer me. I was then on the phone with the billing specialist for at least an hour with no resolve to the issue.

My bill was not charged once for that but twice!!! I then called AT&T again...another hour plus conversation that was over an hour. They tried telling me I had to return both phones when I only had to return one. They did explain to us we didn't and went to research it.

They have the worst crappiest customer service that is so unhelpful every time I have called them.

When this is straighten out...if not to my liking....I WILL be finding a better wireless phone carrier!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Service Transfer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

ATT Cons: Poor customer service, Deceptive policies, Charges.

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The AT&T store here is TERRIBLE. My mom and I went in there to upgrade her phone, and the guy did not want to sell her one.

Flat out told us to go somewhere else. She got her new iPhone 6 at Best Buy, as they gladly sold her one. I work retail, and I was amazed at the lack of customer service here.

When a customer wants to buy your product, you don't tell them to go elsewhere! Although, it looks like we will be doing that from now on.

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