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I don't even have at&t anymore. I cancelled it 3 months ago THREE TIMES!!

And yet we still receive bills. And I can't call them because when I get off work and get home they are closed because they are on eastern time (I moved to the West Coast). And it took 4 different calls to get our service right when we initially set up.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY?! I try to stay calm about it but they owe me hours, no exaggerating HOURS of my life back where I go from person to person explaining what I have already explained to everyone that works there!

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Sacramento, California, United States #703712

Att is terrible ISP, its the worst in the country.


AT&T Internet service has been internittent at best for last 30 days. Been out last 48 hrs.

Spent hours on the phone either on hold or trying to diagnose MY problem because of my equipment,MY viruses and all the other things that are MY fault! Well guess what.... Their internet service is out in 13 states! I was jerked around for several hours while they were "helping me withy problem" when they knew all along that the problem was on their corner.

I have had an AT&T charge somewhere on my phone bill for over 50 years!

That is all changing on Friday.

We are going to give somebody else a shoot at that $300 per month account.

Goodby AT&T! Hello Hughsnet &Verizon

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