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At&t was suppose to move our 6 line small business service from one location to another. Well, they disconnected the service but didn't connect new service for 5 days!

During this time we had no business lines and all our customers got a "this line has been disconnected" response when trying to get in touch with us. This is detrimental to a small business and there's no doubt it cost our company thousands of dollars. At&t promised the service would be connected and that a tech would come out day after day yet no one ever showed hence we continuously got stood up. Finally, 5 days later a service tech showed however our main company line didn't work, we had no voicemail and there was no phone line rollover.

Trying to get in touch with Att customer service takes a minimum of 45 minutes and then they transfered me multiple times.

One of the 26 reps we spoke with during this ordeal said they don't give out their first name. this was ridiculous. Also, no one would give out their direct phone extension and I find it hard to believe a phone service provider can't make outbound calls to call us back with updates on the work order tickets.

The entire ordeal was by far the worst experience I've dealt with. Currently, 7 days later, the service is still no remedied.

No voicemail and today our service was disconnected again. So frustrating.

The only reason we're using Att is because its a monopoly here- we have no other choice for business phone service other that wouldn't have been a second thought! Do yourself a favor- avoid this company!

Review about: Att Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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They are also a monopoly in Eureka, NV, and gives terrible svc throughout the state. I moved to another NV city and when I opened my current acct I told them to stop svc to my Eureka home.

No one told me I had to do that through a different dept. I received a $300 bill for an empty house without a phone five months later. I can't pay online because even though that acct is now paid off and closed, it is still the only one on the web. I travel several times a year, so I can't always pay on time without the forms.

I've complained 5 times about this & asked them to put my current acct online. No one said another dept. did that until the 4th time, when she said she would transfer me to a dept. who would tell me how to change my acct.

page myself. I said that is your webmaster's job, so please see that he gets my message. The fifth time I finally called Tech Support, and he stayed w/ me until I was on a Chat line with Sylvia, who said she would help, but she was obviously anxious to go to lunch, because before the process was finished, she suspended the Chat Line info. I am 76 yrs, but I have a computer certificate, so it wasn't that I was *** and slow.

Then yesterday I got a ltr from ATT saying that my billing svc was being shortened to a week after sending the bill because I had been late too often.

No mention of my many complaints of no available online acct, or other problems. I now have to learn now to set up a Magic Jack, and change to another company to provide Internet service.

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