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I am writing a letter to the general attorney in RI regarding the deceptive practices of ATT and the illegal Bait and switch deal that we got. Specifically, they did not tell us about a 49 dollar month recurring fee for an extra line.

Also we received an IM stating they we have $800.00 in usage fees just 10 hours after we got the phone for 175 meg of data even though we have a 2 gig plan??

They suspended our data services!!! When I called to complain customer service had the brass to tell us we can return the phone a pay a 35 dollar restocking fee

Review about: Att Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Welcome to AT&T where customer service doesn't exist. We have the right to change and/or alter your contract without your consent.

When we use the sales pitch "UNLIMITED" data, it is our way to bait you in. We will eventually switch on you, because there is no such thing as UNLIMITED at AT&T. When you see weird charges on your bills *ahem* "taxes" *ahem* "phantom data usage", it is not our fault and there is NOTHING we can do about it. Even when caught red handed, it is never our fault.

We like to blame the system. If you receive drop calls, our TOWERS ARE DOWN (AGAIN). Our AT&T reps are paid to do nothing. Not like they would know what they're doing anyways.

Therefore, don't bother calling us. If you decide to call anyways, don't hate the long hours of waiting time, the 5-10 time transfers explaining and re-explaining to different reps your reason for calling, and/or the accidental disconnections. WE DON'T CARE! We make more enough than enough from the people who are too busy to look over their bills each month to purchase other carriers and monopolize the wireless industry.

Thank you so very much for NOT calling AT&T. We hope your problems will resolve on its own. Don't bother contacting Better Business Bureau or FCC because we will pay them off. Btw, read the fine prints on the contract that we changed/altered without your consent.

It is our best defense. =)


I had a wireless unlimited data plan for $59.99. They said I could get that $10.00 cheaper now would I like it.

I of course said yes. The never told me that now my plan is a limited data plan and now I can't get my unlimited data plan back. I work full time from home and use more that their limited data plan. AT&T refuses to do anything about this.

This same situation was done to my sister regarding her unlimited long distance calling plan on her land line. Somebody should file a lawsuit regarding AT&T.

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